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Godmanchester Community Education Trust is now Orchard Learning Trust

Teaching & Learning

Early acquisition and continued rapid progress in the core skills of reading, writing, mathematics and communication are at the centre of teaching and learning activities, with the structure of the school day being designed to maximise the opportunities for children to acquire these core skills. Shared expertise, development and support are a central staffing theme, with movement of teachers between the schools allowing children to benefit from specialist teaching throughout their school career, and enabling staff to share ideas, build strong relationships and develop their professional skills. For example specialist primary teaching posts in literacy and numeracy are developed across the two schools, while specialist teaching and support roles deliver interventions targeted for individuals and groups to enable ‘catch up’, ‘consolidation’ and ‘acceleration’ in core numeracy and literacy skills.

Non- negotiable standards for teachers ensure that expectations for lesson planning and delivery are consistently high so that the knowledge skills and understanding of the pupils is continually extended, and that a variety of teaching strategies are employed appropriately to engage pupils across a range of abilities in their learning.